TG Silundika and ZC Nkobi

A Tribute to two Remarkable Legacies

At the heart of the Gala communal area in Ward 6, Zimbabwe, the Tarcisius George Silundika Cultural Community Centre & Memorial Library is a living testament to two exceptional individuals who left an indelible mark on their community. This non-profit, privately-owned social infrastructure facility stands as a beacon of heritage and community development, bearing witness to the enduring legacies of Tarcisius Malan George Silundika, a revered Zimbabwean nationalist and national hero, and Zenzo Christopher Nkobi, a visionary hero of the camera.

The creation of this cultural cornerstone was inspired by the surviving family members of TG Silundika, who recognized the profound impact he had on the course of Zimbabwe’s history. This enduring legacy is further enriched by the contribution of Zenzo Nkobi, whose passion for photography has now proven to be an invaluable addition to the nation’s history. Nestled under the registered family trust, the Centre collaborates closely with Stichting The Silundika Family Foundation & the Zenzo Nkobi Heritage Gallery, based in the Netherlands. Together, they honor the past while actively shaping a brighter, culturally enriched future for their community.

The vision for the TGSCCC pays homage to the spirit of these three remarkable individuals, celebrating their tireless dedication to community development and the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Unyielding Freedom Fighter

Inspiring Life of TG Silundika

Tarcisius Malan George Silundika, affectionately known as “TG,” was born on March 1, 1929, in the heart of Bulilima District in western Zimbabwe. His journey as a political luminary began during his student years at Fort Hare University in South Africa during the early 1950s, where he was eventually expelled due to his unwavering commitment to political activism. Undeterred, he pursued education at Roma University in Lesotho. However, his dedication caught the attention of South African authorities, leading to his deportation back to Rhodesia.

Back in his homeland, TG was resolute, initiating protests and leading impassioned demonstrations in Salisbury. He was an active member of the African National Congress (ANC) and later joined the National Democratic Party (NDP), although both were subsequently banned.

In 1963, a pivotal moment arrived with the formation of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU), marking the beginning of an arduous journey. TG was entrusted to oversee the initial stages of the armed struggle from Lusaka, Zambia, where he remained in exile for a remarkable 18 years. It was only in 1980, following the Lancaster House Agreement, that he could finally return home, where he was elected as a Member of Parliament for Matabeleland South province. This distinguished leader also held a significant role in Zimbabwe’s inaugural cabinet, serving as the Minister of Roads, Road Traffic, Posts, and Telecommunications.

Tragically, TG Silundika’s life came to an end on April 9, 1981. His memory lives on at the hallowed Zimbabwe national shrine in Harare, where he lies in eternal rest alongside the luminaries of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle. Among the honored few, he stands shoulder to shoulder with remarkable figures such as Dr. Joshua Nkomo, Ruth Chinamano, Lookout Masuku, Alfred Nikita Mangena, Willie Musarurwa, and others. TG Silundika is celebrated for his unwavering commitment and selfless sacrifices on the path to Zimbabwean independence.

Capturing History Through the Lens

Discover the Remarkable Journey of Zenzo Nkobi

Zenzo Nkobi’s journey is an extraordinary tale of a man whose camera became a symbol of change. Over 40 years since Zimbabwe’s Independence, his photographic legacy remains undeniably relevant.

Zenzo initially wielded his camera like a revolutionary’s AK47 rifle. To some, it seemed perplexing, as they questioned how he contributed to the country’s liberation. At the time, photography wasn’t commonly seen as a tool of change. Yet, Zenzo’s devotion to photography proved far more enduring than skepticism. Today, his contributions are celebrated and cherished, as his striking images have become an invaluable resource for historians and citizens alike. His photographs now serve as a remarkable chronicle of the journey to Zimbabwe’s liberation.

Born in Dombodema Mission, southwestern Zimbabwe, Zenzo’s upbringing was marked by his mother’s loving care. Initially, he followed the path of a teacher, but his life took a sharp turn when he was accused by the colonial government of teaching anti-Smith songs to young children.

Faced with this predicament, Zenzo crossed the border into Botswana with a resolute purpose to join the armed struggle. His journey eventually led him to Lusaka, where he took on a role in the publicity department of ZAPU. Here, he not only captured moments with his camera but also provided photographs for numerous ZAPU publications.

Zenzo Nkobi’s life story is a testament to the power of the lens and the indomitable spirit of those who are determined to document history. His legacy continues to inspire and educate, ensuring that the story of Zimbabwe’s Independence is never forgotten.

Want to find out more about TG’s Life?

Delve deeper into the life of Tarcisius Malan George Silundika, an unsung hero in the fight against British colonial rule in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, as recounted by Felix Felisizwe. In his book, Felix Felisizwe, the youngest of Martha and TG Silundika’s four children, unravels the untold story of TG Silundika, a prominent figure in the struggle against colonial oppression.

Tarcisius George Silundika, often known as TG within his political circles, possessed a profound understanding of the sociopolitical complexities during the colonial era. This comprehension led him and like-minded individuals to embrace a militant approach, laying the foundation for the birth of African liberation movements in Rhodesia.

Felix Felisizwe’s book offers an intimate and enlightening portrayal of TG’s life, documenting his pivotal role in shaping the course of history in Zimbabwe. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the remarkable legacy of a man whose determination and courage left an indelible mark on the nation’s fight for independence. Join us in commemorating TG’s extraordinary journey and his invaluable contribution to Zimbabwe’s liberation.

Paperback: 138 pages ⋅ Publisher: Trafford (May 23, 2013) ⋅ Language: English
ISBN-10: 1466993456 ⋅ ISBN-13: 978-1466993457
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches ⋅ Available also as an Ebook.

The Z.C.Nkobi Heritage

Our library, nurtured by the Nkobi Family, will showcase the powerful Zenzo Nkobi Heritage Photo Collection, a testament to Zimbabwe’s journey to independence. Community libraries are pivotal for rural development, instilling a culture of reading in children, while also offering adults spaces for recreation, culture, and education.

In its maiden phase, our library will feature thousands of photographs narrating Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence, primarily from the ZAPU perspective. Captured by Zenzo C Nkobi, these images encapsulate two decades of history, from the late 1960s to independence in 1980. Administered under The Silundika Family Trust, this library represents a gateway to the past, a bridge to the future, and an educational sanctuary for all. Join us on this enlightening odyssey where photographs turn into powerful windows to the past, guiding us toward an informed and empowered future.

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