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At the heart of our project lies a profound purpose—to ignite the flames of curiosity and cultivate a deep sense of cultural pride. Through our library initiative, we aspire to transform the educational landscape of our community, enhancing the study habits of local students and equipping them for the journey ahead.

Our fundamental goal is to create a society that not only excels academically but also holds its cultural heritage close to its heart. We envision a future where the youth stand on the shoulders of their ancestors, proud of their history and their unique way of life. With this library, we’re sowing the seeds of literacy and cultural awareness, nurturing a generation that thrives on knowledge and celebrates its remarkable heritage. Together, we’re fostering a brighter tomorrow, where education and cultural pride go hand in hand.


The existing Silundika Family homestead is being developed and expanded to become a Cultural Community Centre and Memorial Library. The Centre will provide facilities for education, recreation, arts and culture and health awareness for Ward 6 villagers and the surrounding villages in Bulilima District. The project is developed as a community development initiative in honor of the late national hero Tarcisius Malan George Silundika and shall be administered under the auspices of the registered Silundika Family Foundation. The library is a major component of this project, which is expected to help improve the study habits of students in this area, thereby improving their chances of advancing to secondary schools and university. Gala is one of the cluster of villages in ward 6 in Bulilima District, Matabeleland South that fall under Headman Manguba and Chief Gambo III. Each one of the surrounding villages has a population of between 600-700 inhabitants. There are four cluster primary schools and two secondary schools in the area. This library will go a long way in addressing many challenges and improve the pass rate in the district. The long-term plan for the library is to introduce literacy and computer programs.

Through this community library, children will develop a culture of reading, a prerequisite for an enlightened society. Adults also enjoy library activities that usually include packages for recreation, culture, education and informational reading. Study circles also offer adults an opportunity to participate in the lifelong continuing education process.

Various studies have shown that there is a gap between the demand for and supply of essential reading materials in Zimbabwe especially in rural communities where the rate of illiteracy and economic hardships are more pronounced. This is despite general consensus that every individual and community has a right to access to information.

The Zimbabwean government has always supported education and social services but inadequate resources have affected many rural communities. Whereas school infrastructure is available, study material via books and information technology is in short supply in rural communities. This initiative will help fill that gap by complimenting government efforts while at the same time preserving the legacy of the late liberation hero TG Silundika. The library will provide the youth and elderly with study materials and access to information technology that is not available in the schools.

The Zenzo Nkobi Heritage Gallery

The Zenzo Nkobi Heritage Gallery will be a big feature of the library with photographs documenting the liberation war. The archive includes thousands of photographs taken by the late Zenzo Nkobi, a liberation hero and professional photographer.

Expected Outcomes

The development of this library facility at the Centre will allow the unemployed youth of Ward 6 and the surrounding areas a safe space away from common social ills like drugs, participation in crime and having unprotected sex which could lead to unwanted pregnancies and diseases. The library is expected to help improve the study habits of students in this area, thereby improving their chances of advancing to secondary schools and universities. The general key deliverables of this project is to create a highly literate and culturally conscious society which is proud of its history and its way of life. 


The schools will be the most direct beneficiaries of this project, but the remaining citizens, the adults will also benefit. Adults will benefit from  adult literacy and computer literacy programs. All these will combine to raise the level of general literacy in the rural community.


The total amount needed to complete the project is US$8, 100 

Item  Quantity  Cost 
Book Shelves  15/$40 each  $600 
Desks   10/$30 each  $300  
Chairs  10/$20 each  $200 
Solar Panels  1  $5000 
Computers  10 /$200 each  $2000 
Total Amount Needed  $8, 100 


Once completed, the memorial library will attract local, regional, national and international visitors including students of history looking to do research.  A nominal library membership fee will be levied and research parties will be required to pay a fee, all of which will combine to sustain the library. More revenues will be generated from the use of a small internet café within the library premises. 

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Fantastic donations are coming in as a result of this great initiative

Appeal for donations

Help the Library Reach its Full Potential

Elevate Our Library: A Call for Support!

We’re on a mission to transform our library into a modern hub of knowledge and learning for our vibrant community. To unlock its full potential, we’re seeking your generous support.

Our goal is clear: we aim to raise $3,000 to fund essential upgrades, including tiling the entire 70 sqm floor and installing solar panels. These improvements are paramount in creating a functional and efficient learning space that can cater to the diverse needs of our community.

We’re deeply grateful to those who’ve already contributed, enabling us to complete the crucial wiring of the walls with electricity cables. Now, we invite you to join us in reaching our ultimate goal. Together, we can make our library a thriving centre for education, opening doors to knowledge and transforming lives in our community.

Embrace our mission, champion literacy, and support education. Your donation today is an investment in a brighter, more enlightened future. Join us in this exciting project, and let’s elevate our library to new heights of excellence!

Additional Fundraising Activities

The Silundika Family Foundation is seeking assistance in the form of grants, equipment and other types of resources in order to complete this project.

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