Welcome to the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre

We have made it our mission to conserve Kalanga heritage and the legacy of a Zimbabwean national liberation hero through the delivery of creative programs and services in a high quality manner so that local people are educated, trained, employed and their living standards are raised.

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Our Mission

To promote Kalanga culture through creative community strategies that enhance economical growth and development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish the standard of excellence in cultural heritage sustainability and community development in Southern Africa.

Our Annual Events

Preserving and Promoting the Kalanga Cultural Heritage

TiBaKalanga Festival

The festival offers an ideal opportunity to participate in a now proven fun even that draws a diverse group of people. Being a partner or sponsor not only allows you to be part of this great event but also to be part of the economic development of Bulilima District. 

10K Wrap Up & Run Road Race

The idea of a 10K race was first mooted in 2015 as part of the centre’s efforts to introduce recreational programs and activities aimed at discouraging unemployed youth from engaging in self-destructive activities.

Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant

The Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant is a competition that focuses on the natural beauty of its contestants with attributes such as talent, intelligence, and personality. Hair, gowns, talent, modeling and personal interviews will factor in the judges’ scoresheet.

The TGSCCC Memorial Library Project

The library is expected to help improve the study habits of students in this area, thereby improving their chances of advancing to secondary schools and universities. The general key deliverables of this project is to create a highly literate and culturally conscious society which is proud of its history and its way of life.

Highlights on how we started

Groundbreaking Ceremony 2015

Groundbreaking Ceremony 2015





Choral Competion




Abathungi Women’s Empowerment Project




The development plan for the Cultural Centre outlines the vision, process, and requirements for the expansion of the existing family homestead into an environmentally and financially sustainable cultural community centre, through the integration of culture, agriculture, eco commerce, and education.

The village concept integrates a range of facilities, venues and services which will be designed and built to complement each other.

The village is being built and operated under parameters that will ensure sufficient earnings to sustain existing and expanded village initiatives. Physically, the cultural village will be anchored around several operational centres.

Latest News from our Blog

Preserving and Promoting the Kalanga Cultural Heritage

Fundraising for The TG Silundika Memorial Library

Fundraising for The TG Silundika Memorial Library

Season’s greetings to all our members and supporters across the world. As we approach the end of the second year of the existence of our children’s library, we would like to express our profound gratitude to the many supporters who made its establishment possible....

Donation Announcement 14 Oct 2022

Donation Announcement 14 Oct 2022

On behalf of the TGSCCC, I would like to express my profound gratitude to ZABRA - Dubai representatives for the donation of women’s clothing received on Friday 14 October, 2022. A total of 56 clothing items were donated. We are thrilled to have a partnership with this...

Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu – A Tribute to a great Revolutionary

Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu – A Tribute to a great Revolutionary

A Tribute to a great Revolutionary, an Accomplished Writer and a Leader Par Excellence SAUL GWAKUBA NDLOVU - * 23 September 1934 – ƚ 16 July 2021 Good people die every day. Yet not all of them affirm for us the goodness in humanity and leadership the way Saul Gwakuba...

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

The safety of our staff at the centre, all our members, supporters and volunteers, is our top priority! We will engage in educating ourselves and others on how we can protect ourselves.

The World Health Organisation has made a lot material available which we will be posting on our Info Board.

Keep yourself updated on precautionary measures regarding the virus!

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