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Thawulo Skhuza

Thawulo Skhuza is a singer and songwriter for a 7-piece Maskandi music band who hail from within a 7 kilometer radius of each other in the Ntoli sector of Bulilima District, south-western Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. 

The 27 year old Thawulo Skhuza is also a producer and choreographer for the group which focuses on the Maskandi genre, a type of music which evolved in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. It is characterized by cheerful, upbeat lyrics and accompanied with the typical and traditional Zulu high kicks dance.


Born Dominic Skhuza, Thawulo’s musical journey started when he emigrated to neighboring South Africa after completing his O’levels at Maqhekeni Secondary School at Gampu, a neighboring village to his. While working in South Africa he came into contact with accomplished musicians from diverse backgrounds. He listened to all types of music but none impressed him more than the Maskandi.

His deep love for this genre motivated him to launch his own career in music.

Musical Journey

After spending a few years in South Africa, Thawulo returned to his native Zimbabwe and put together a band made up of talented, unemployed youth from his village.

They band made their musical debut at the  third annual TiBaKalanga Festival (2019) held at the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre  where they dazzled the crowds with their brilliantly choreographed and incredibly high kicks. With all their songs delivered in the Zulu language, the five-men and two girl group delivered a show that was truly uplifting and entertaining.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge this band is facing is securing the seed capital to procure the instruments and equipment they need. ‘’We’re looking for a sponsor or sponsors who can help us take our music to another level,’’ says Thawulo. ‘’We need instruments like; 1 box guitar, a bass guitar, a set of drums, 4 mics, an amplifier and a keyboard,’’ he continues.

The main goal is to raise a total of US$3,000 which will equip the band in full including costumes. The band is appealing for donations of any kind (including gently used musical instruments) in order to meet their targets.

Support Needed

Stichting The Silundika Family Foundation a nonprofit organization (registered in the Netherlands) is committed through the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre, (located in Ward 6, Bulilima District, Zimbabwe) to helping young and upcoming artists launch their career.

Through such projects as the TiBaKalanga annual cultural festival, the foundation is working to support and to promote musicians and other artists who dream to earn a living from their talent. In this respect, we’re appealing for assistance in the form of grants and/or musical instruments to help these artists’ dreams come true.



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Cash donations for the cultural Centre from within Zimbabwe can be transferred through the Eco Cash system to the Management Committee Treasurer Ms Paba Dube, mobile telephone number: +263 7830 991 94

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Main Contacts

Thawulo Skhuza

Contact the artist directly!
Tel.: +27 84 662 4613 (WhatsApp)

Felix Silundika • Project Manager
Tina Nkobi • Foundation Treasurer

Tel.: +31 64 3600 921 (WhatsApp)

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