Progress Update in building the TGS Community Centre

by Tsambani D

Let’s Revive Our Culture, Norms and Values. Great Things Start from Small Beginnings.

This community has shown its dedication after realising that the future of Kalanga culture is being revived through activities that have been showcased at this centre. Tapes were at most 300m away from the centre. Seeing the inconvience during the trainings that the community and participants end up roaming around looking for potable drinking water, losing some important activities. They deemed it ideal to dig the trench and connect the running water straight to the centre that will see the centre having potable running water. This is a good move done by this commuity proving extensive realisation of the good and useful activities that will see this community improving their livelihood. In December a number of female youths were trained in dressmaking and crafting through weaving.

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