Gala Football team; Gala FC was established on 15th December, 2011. The team is currently using the Gala Primary School athletics and soccer field as its training and home ground. Since its establishment, the team has received enthusiastic support from its home base, the Gala community.  Its complete management structure was also established at the same time as indicated above. Following consultations with the stakeholders, Gala FC  chose black and white as its colors. The team is ready to take its place as the pride of the Gala community.

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Gala FC would like to identify good talent from juniors, the under 13s in order to play more competitive soccer. Its long term goal is to affiliate itself with the Zimbabwe Football Association and become part of the country’s mainstream soccer leagues. By recruiting young players, the team hope’s to play a role in taking young people’s minds away from social ills in the area such as drugs, crime and unprotected sex.


One of the main challenges the team faces is that it doesn’t have a sponsor. Most of its activities and uniforms are funded by members of the community who have very meagre resources. On countless occasions the team has had to forego away games due to lack of transport. The team also has only one kit for its players and one football which was donated by a sympathizer based in South Africa. Football is a proven and useful tool in community building and Gala FC is more than prepared to play its role in the development of the community.  Any assistance rendered towards this team will be greatly appreciated.

Plumtree-Gala 092Contacts:

Lungani Zwana (Coach) Tel. +263 772920951

Mr Ncube (Chairman) Tel. +263 783560550

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