The TGSCCC management this week launched a program for ward 6 villagers to participate in interweaving tall grass and reeds to be used as thatching material at the centre. Gala village was the first to step forward in what appears to be a well received project by the locals; all volunteering their time to take part in building the community centre.


All villages in ward 6, in Bulilima have pledged to volunteer their time in this particular phase of the project, but on a rotation basis until the existing structure at the centre is completely renovated.

The current program is well in line with Kalanga way of life. Before interweaving, long grass is collected and the foliage at the top is cut off. Then it woven in the same way as one would a basket. The thatch is normaly between 18 – 24 inches long. It is then attached tightly with strings to the corner posts of the roof.  A little more than five inches should extend over the sides, front and rear of the house. A firmly attached thatch will keep out the rain. In addition to help develop the centre, this program will serve to strengthen the bond among the various participating villages.

The neighboring village of Garamtata had their turn on Tuesday, 3 November, making a huge impact in the effort.


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