Kalanga Traditional Food Culinary Competition 2020

A TibaKalanga Annual Cultural Event


The TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre in its mission to preserve and to promote the Kalanga cultural heritage is introducing this proposal to be used as the basis for an ethnic Kalanga culinary competition to be held annually at the TGSCCC.

Kalanga traditional cuisine consists of a mixture of flavours, colours, textures and aromas that have a distinct character and are unique to the BuKalanga region. A culinary competition offers a perfect vehicle to foster the evolution of a food and beverage sector. It also presents an opportunity for the participants to learn from each other. More importantly, this competition contributes to showcase cuisine as a vehicle to promote better understanding of residents of the Bukalanga region and visitors.

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A culinary competition can be conducted with various objectives in mind, the foremost important among these being that of raising the standards, in terms of production of food and service. In addition to raising the standards, the main objectives of this competition is to:

  • Serve as a platform for culinary research and development
  • Encourage participants to continue polishing their skills
  • To stimulate and promote a sense of pride in the Kalanga cultural heritage

Type of Competition

The Kalanga Traditional Food Culinary Competition will be a community event held annually at the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre and open to everyone and anyone.


In this competition, the participants will be asked to submit a list of ingredients to the organizers who will be responsible for securing them.


Participants in this competition can either be individuals or a team. The judges will rate their performance as an individual or a team.


Application documents to be submitted must include:

  • Registration Form
  • A national registration ID


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    Competition Categories

    1. Some of the competition categories will include:
      • Hot food- (a Kalanga traditional meal)
      • Cold, edible food
      • Hot meat, chicken, beef, pork, fish
      • Beverages

      The competition will be simplified with a view to reducing costs, transforming it into one of faster implementation so as to making it more exciting to spectators.


    All the contestants will have access to the kitchen facilities at the centre

    • Five stations will be availed for the contestants on the day of the competition
    • A garbage bin will be provided by the centre
    • Contestants will be given 3 hrs to prepare their meal
    • 15 minutes will be given for cleaning
    • Another 15 minutes will be allocated for setting the table
    • Please note that the participants will be given clear indications as to whether they need to bring their own utensils, cutlery or these will be secured by the organizers


    We will update this section soon!

     !!! COMING SOON – OUR culinary NEWSLETTER  !!!

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