Women and Youth Empowerment Workshop 2020


The Silundika Family Trust & The Silundika Family Foundation presents:

Women and Youth Empowerment Workshop 1

Purpose :
Skills training in bead and jewelery making, basket weaving, fashion designing & dress making
Age Group: 17 – 30 years old (preferably school leavers & single mothers)

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Registration will be accepted on a first come basis.


The slow growth in the economy, rising unemployment, difficulties associated with the protection of basic social services in the face of a changing economic environment pose great development challenges for all Zimbabweans. However, the magnitude and implications of these problems are more severe for young people, especially girls in the rural areas as they lack basic opportunities for their development. As they navigate the school-to-work transition, their control over their own destiny and their employment choices is limited.

During community consultations by the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre (TGSCCC), one of the major issues that came up in the small community of Gala in Bulilima District was the issue of high unemployment and lack of disposable income amongst local youths and women. Inadequacy of the educational curriculum for current job markets in both the formal and informal sectors, limited access to information on youth and women development programmes, skills training courses, jobs, start-up funding for income generating activities and limited experience, lack of appropriate role models, and lack of youth and women centred development programmes were mentioned as the major problems. Women highlighted that due to their multiple roles in the community they find it difficult to provide for their households as they have limited opportunities to take part in income generating activities. Therefore, they consider themselves as not being considered in development programs in their communities.

The Challenge

 It is against this background that TGSCCC has decided to intervene and organize a workshop to develop the capacity of the young women and single mothers in the technical skills of sewing, bead making, basketry, fashion design, dressmaking and basic marketing skills. The ripple effect of this intervention will benefit not only the direct beneficiaries and their families but also their communities and the nation at large. 

Workshop 1:

For the first workshop, the TGSCCC is partnering with four highly skilled women who will deliver a day-long workshop, training about 45 young women in the following skills: bead making, basket weaving, fashion designing and dressmaking.

The registrants will be divided into

3 groups of 15 (Basket weaving, Bead making, Fashion Designing and Dress making).

All the four facilitators are successful professionals who were born and raised in the same area and would like to participate in this initiative as a way of giving back to the community that nurtured them.

We need your Help

Stichting The Silundika Family Foundation a nonprofit organization (registered in the Netherlands) is committed through the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre, (located in Ward 6, Bulilima District, Zimbabwe) to helping the young and women to launch their careers.

Additional Details

The second and third phase of the training will focus on developing the marketing and entrepreneurial skills of the trainees. In addition to skills training, the TGSCCC is partnering with the community relations department of the local Lady Stanley Clinic to devote one hour of each workshop to health and hygiene matters. The need to raise awareness on the AIDS pandemic cannot be overstated.


In addition to creating jobs in the community, the project will also help address the income generation challenge issues in the community and the resultant negative impact they are having on the economy. The project will present income generating opportunities for the youth and women as their skills will be in high demand. The acquired skills will address two of the main barriers to the women and youth which are the shortage of information on the markets and the lack of expertise to produce quality products

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Main Contacts & Facilitators

Felix Silundika • Project Manager
Mrs. A Ncube • Basket Weaving

Mrs A Ncube is a local primary school teacher who earns extra income through selling baskets that she weaves in her free time. She has produced high quality baskets and mats that are normally sold to local and external businesses.  Some of her wares are sold during the annual TiBaKalanga Festival at the TGSCCC.

Contact Number: +263 77 882 1490

Ms Mthandazo Tsambani • Dress Making

Ms Mthandazo Tsambani is a professional designer and dress maker currently based in the City of Bulawayo.  She has been in the textile industry for most of her adult life, producing high quality garments which she supplies to major wholesalers and retailers across Zimbabwe. 

Contact Number: +263 77 294 8700

Mrs Thethiwe Ncube • Bead Making

Mrs Thethiwe Mncube is a professional bead maker currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She makes high quality jewellery and supplies some of the high-profile retailers in the industry. She will be teaching the young trainees the rudiments of bead-making.

Contact Number: +27 73 943 7737

Ms. Tracey Tshuma • Fashion Designing


Ms Tracey Tshuma is an accomplished fashion designer, currently running her own business Mihingo Designs and operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Her interest in fashion designing dates back to her teenage years as a school leaver when her late sister Mihingo mentored and trained her in this art. She has never looked back since.

Contact Number: +27 74 063 7486

Tina Nkobi • Foundation Treasurer

Email: t.nkobi@tgsilundikaculturalcommunitycentre.org
Tel.: +31 64 3600 921 (WhatsApp)

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