This is a previously untold story of a man widely regarded as one of the chief icons of the struggle against British colonial rule in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Tarcisius George Silundika, known in his political circles as TG, was a man whose understanding of the sociopolitical order under the colonial era forced him and others to adopt a militant approach that spawned the launch of African liberation movements in Rhodesia.

 He spearheaded for eighteen years the armed struggle through the Zimbabwe African People’s Union, ZAPU from exile in Zambia while simultaneously criss-crossing world capitals in search for financial and material support for the revolution. Silundika died in April 1981 after the attainment of independence. This book, compiled by Felix Silundika is largely a narrative of Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu’s recollections of the eighteen years he spent in exile working alongside TG. It is a remarkable tale of sacrifice and unwavering commitment to the principles of freedom.

 Witness a riveting account of perseverance, sacrifice and unwavering commitment to liberate fellow Africans from colonial rule in Tarcisius Malan GEORGE SILUNDIKA…

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781466993457
ISBN 13 (HB): 9781466993471
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781466993464




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