Branding of the TGSCCC

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Blog

The TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre has this week embarked on a long-awaited branding initiative. Among other reasons, it is being branded to reflect its mission and values as it was founded as community development initiative with the aim of preserving and promoting the Kalanga cultural heritage. Through the delivery of creative programs and services that will help locals improve their education and skills development, the cultural centre hopes to increase the chances of the local residents’ employability and overall quality of life.

The branding campaign will include a variety of visual and digital elements such as banners and posters which will serve to increase the centre’s visibility and awareness of its programs and services. The TGSCCC already hosts several high-profile events and workshops to engage the community on the preservation of Kalanga culture. One such major event is the annual TiBaKalanga Cultural Festival which is set to resume on 15th and 16th of April 2023 after a 2 year break due to the Covid 19 pandemic. So far preparations for the festival indicate that it will be one of the best ever held with a menu of activities that include a 10K Run, a panel discussion, skills development workshop and a beauty pageant competition.


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