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NuEra, an all-female multi-genre dance troupe was formed with the help of socialites Merryian Nkomo and DJ Nyasha in March 2019. The two had attended a birthday party hosted by Mrs Betty Skhuza at the home of the legendary Kalanga Rhumba music singer, the late Solomon Skhuza in Ntoli Village, Bulilima District; south-western Zimbabwe

Meet the Dance Troup

  1. Mandy Nkomo (17)
  2. Natasha Moyo (18)
  3. Felistars Ndlovu (16)
  4. Nokubonga Moyo

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Mandy Nkomo (17)  is a student at Phakama Secondary School. She is interested in travel and tourism in addition to music and dance.

Natasha Moyo (18) is a student at Madlambudzi High School. Other than music, she’d love to be a TV show presenter

Felistars Ndlovu (16), is a student at Mathula High School student who loves to dance. Her other hobby is to draw, she’d love be a fashion designer.

Nokubonga Moyo (15) is a student at Mathula High School student who’s interested in fashion design.


Word has it that most of the girls  impressed  their hosts with their fancy footwork to the point that DJ Nyasha and Merryian decided to approach them with a view to exploring  the possibility of forming a dance group. It turned out that the girls had already been dreaming of being part of a such a group but just didn’t have the wherewithal to get started. So, from that day on, the dance troupe was formed but they had to find a suitable name for it. They chose the name NuEra which denotes the ‘’ new era’’ in which they live. The idea was simply a reflection of the group’s desire  to be associated with the new generation and also to be in sync with the times. The original members are: Mandy Nkomo (17), Felistars Ndlovu (16), Nokubonga Moyo (15) and Natasha Moyo (18).

ARTISTS' Journey

From then on the girls along with their two founding advisors Merryian and Nyasha (who now are acting as manager and choreographer respectively) decided to meet regularly, especially on weekends and school holidays to work on dance routines. Their main task was to come up with dance routines that can suit any entertainment requirement and be able to perform before diverse audiences.  But to start with, they chose to dance to AfroPop from South Africa, a decision which instantaneously won them a large following especially among their peers.  They have since performed at various functions in the locality and are steadily getting noticed.  Their biggest break came when they were invited to perform at the annual TiBaKalanga Festival III at the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre on 2 June 2019. It was a performance to remember.  The girls danced up a storm and dazzled the crowd of about 800 people with their impressive demonstration of precision, skill and raw talent. Their performance featured a fusion of several types of routines specially choreographed to different types of music. That appearance put the girls on the spotlight and firmly on the map in the area as solid entertainers.



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Cash donations for the cultural Centre from within Zimbabwe can be transferred through the Eco Cash system to the Management Committee Treasurer Ms Paba Dube, mobile telephone number: +263 7830 991 94

The Challenges

In the rural areas, most households in the area heavily dependent on subsistence farming where most live on less that a US$1 a day. With the economy in general experiencing slow growth, the girls would be unable to reach their targets without an infusion of cash from well-wishers within and outside Zimbabwe. They are appealing for a grant in the form of cash in the amount of $1, 900. The aim is to acquire a drum set (percussion drums), a chargeable stereo system with mics, a tablet for marketing purposes and custom-made costumes.  

Budget estimate



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Latin Percussion Conga Drum Set




Studio Woofer Sterio system





4 Sets



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Equipped with the above listed items, NuEra can create bespoke dance productions for any event; corporate functions, private parties and much more. Not only will your help give them a chance to earn a decent living but help make their dreams come true.

The Future of NuEra

Following that successful performance at the cultural festival the group along with their mentors, Mrs Moyo, DJ Nyasha and Merryian Nkomo have met to map out future plans. While the girls are eager to  complete their studies, they’re also aware of the daily struggles that they and their families have to go through. There’s potential in using their dance skills to earn a decent living. The immediate plan is to rehearse as much as possible to maximise their potential. They hope to be invited to perform at weddings, bridal parties and other social functions within and outside the district. The broader objective is to incorporate African cultural choreography in their routines and build a strong organization centred around the African philosophy of Ubuntu. They’d love to be an all empowered, all empowering and compassionate group that promotes love and acceptance. In sharing with and supporting one another, the girls want to create a synergy of creativity, wisdom and strength.

Support Needed

Stichting The Silundika Family Foundation a nonprofit organization (registered in the Netherlands) is committed through the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre, (located in Ward 6, Bulilima District, Zimbabwe) to helping young and upcoming artists launch their career. 

Through such projects as the TiBaKalanga annual cultural festival, the foundation is working to support and to promote musicians and other artists who dream to earn a living from their talent. In this respect, we’re appealing for assistance in the form of grants and/or musical instruments to help these artists’ dreams come true.

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Main Contacts

Merryian Nkomo

Tel.: +263 637 5990

DJ Twinny Musekiwa

Tel.: +263 776052817

Felix Silundika • Project Manager
Tina Nkobi • Foundation Treasurer

Tel.: +31 64 3600 921 (WhatsApp)

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