Fundraising for The TG Silundika Memorial Library

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Season’s greetings to all our members and supporters across the world. As we approach the end of the second year of the existence of our children’s library, we would like to express our profound gratitude to the many supporters who made its establishment possible. Today, our library, the first of its kind in Bulilima District, is attracting the attention of many children, the vast majority of whom walk a long distance to access its services. We have received donations in the form of materials like books, language learning games, puzzles and electronic gadgets some of which we are still yet to put to use.

In spite of the concept of having a library still being new, children from local primary schools have been dropping in to read, in some cases to loan out books after school and on weekends. The library tends to fill to capacity during school holidays, sometimes overwhelming our 2 library assistants, Bruce Sebele and Mthokozisi Moyo.

The assistants take turns to provide guided reading sessions on weekends. Speial priority is given to Grade 7 as well as and the form 4 learners especially in view of the defining end of year exams that they need to prepare for. The whole project is making a positive impact in the community to the point that it is also starting to attract curious adults some of whom have never had the opportunity to use a library of any kind before.

Donated to the memorial library are 54 pencil cases all full of classroom items, plus 3 laptop computers.

Infrastructure Upgrade
While the library is well stocked with reading material there is a crying need for basic infrastructure upgrade not only to make the space conducive for learning but to make it adaptable to planned future literacy programs for adults.

The most pressing is the 70 square meters of the floor of the library space which needs tiling. Equally, if not more not more important is the installation of solar panels. Solar energy will enable the library to operate like a modern facility similar to those in urban areas. The wiring of the wall with electric cables has successfully been completed, thanks to the generous contributions from many of you. Our goal is raise

US$3, 000 to cover the costs of the work needed to complete the upgrades.

 Long Term Goals
The upgrades that we seek will put the library on a new pedestal and break new ground in the region. Our future goals are to eventually work with families, encouraging parents to join in and get reading too. The library has the potential to create a much needed ripple effect of the much needed social transformation of the community. An overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans especially in the rural areas live below the international poverty line of US $1.25 a day. Only through educational activities in a safe space can we expect the economic challenges to be addressed in the long term. We look forward to your generous donations and we promise regular updates throughout the life of this project

Thank you and Happy Holidays to Everyone!
From the TG Silundika Memorial Library Team


Visit our project site for more information on how to do a book donation!

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