[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Early in the 1980s, George Silundika initiated a water project together with his Swedish partners. This project entailed drawing water from the Manzamnyama river some 4 miles from Gala for use by the community and their livestock. An engine was installed at the source and pipes laid from source right up to the intended beneficiaries.
At the end of the line, collection tanks were also installed and these are a stone throw away from the Silundika homestead. However, this project has never been fully operational as it was affected by the shortage of spare parts and the unavailability of resources to procure them. While the infrastructure is still there, a major refurbishment will be necessary if this noble initiative will finally benefit the community.
A new engine may need to be acquired and one more tank will be needed to replace the one that has been damaged. The water is intended for use by the Gala people and their livestock as well as for their market gardening.



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