We are proud to inform all our supporters of our new Partner/Sponsorship with PNDDezigns.

PNDDezigns is a Pan-AfriCan Inspired Fashion line, specialising in clothing, shoes, bags, jewelleries and accessories, redefined to meet the compelling needs of modest and proudly African men and women.

In so far as the festival is concerned, PNDDezigns will:

  • Coordinate the fashion show at the festival
  • Set up a PNDDezigns merchandise stall
  • Mentoring up and coming models in preparation for the festival and beyond
  • Work on Tiba Tikalanga branded clothing for sale
  • Facilitate the selling of some festival tickets

AND! They will design and lauch a fashion show at the festival! Be sure to book a ticket!

Here a Sneak Preview!!

Images by © PNDDezigns


Checkout their FB Site


TiBaKalanga Festival 2017 

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