10K Wrap Up & Run Road Race

A TibaKalanga Annual Sports Event


The third annual TiBaKalanga 10K Run at the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre will be held on Saturday July 7, 2018. Both the inaugural run in 2016 and the second annual run this year were a huge success and we want you to help us continue the momentum. With your sponsorship we can continue our efforts to enhance the Ward 6- Bulilima District community experience and to foster social cohesion through sports.

The aim of the race is to promote social cohesion in Bulilima District through sports.

The 10K Wrap Up & Run Road Race is an annual sports event of the TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga Festival.


The idea of a 10K race was first mooted in 2015 as part of the centre’s efforts to introduce recreational programs and activities aimed at discouraging unemployed youth from engaging in self-destructive activities. Other than football and in most cases with ill equipped pitches, there’s little recreational activity for the youth. It is with this background that the centre seeks to introduce affordable and self-sustaining and self-help programs.  The idea of running a 10 kilometer race was first met with skepticism by some but it ultimately won the assent of the youth including other stakeholders in the district. The key however, was to come up with a lucrative enough incentive for a fierce competition. Targets were set and the planning process began in earnest in March.

Wrap up & Run 10k Road Race 2017

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Impressions from the Road Race 2017


We are truly gratefull to the support we received in 2017. Please help make the next race a memorable one and sponsor us today!

Our long term goal is to build a sports complex adjacent to the culural centre, with the costs expected to be in the region of $5000. You have a choice to either sponsor the 2018 event or make a donation towards the sports complex or both.

The ultimate aim of the race is to promote social cohesion in Bulilima District through sports.

Please review the forms for the project below. 


    The runners will benefit from an improved physical condition after this race. Everyone knows that running is a great way of achieving optimal physical fitness. It benefits every part of the body. The competition is a chance for the runners to gain self-esteem and take pride in their accomplishments.

    While the runners are seemingly the main beneficiaries, the community at large benefits from this event too. It is a chance for a fun-filled family event where parents and siblings come out to support the runners from their respective village. Increased competition and rivalry is a necessary component in community development. Local businesses too will benefit from increased commercial activity on this day.


      Starting Point: Gampu Shopping Centre – Finish Line: TGSCCC. (Gala)

      Anyone above the age of 16 is eligible to run, conditional on passing the necessary medical examination.
      The Centre is looking for volunteers from the community to work as ushers and marshals (anyone above the age of 12 years can volunteer)

      We take the safety of all the runners, volunteers and spectators very seriously. Local law enforcement officers, health and safety authorities in Bulilima District will always be invited.

      Contact Person: 10K Road Race Director
      Mr Sibusiso Malunga
      Tel:. +263 77 588 9898

      Anticipated Expenditures

      Item & quantity Cost Total Cost
      50kg maize meal $30 each x 2 $60
      Water Bottles  20 Cases $10 $200
      Catering 300 guests $650 $650
      Fuel for 4 vehicles $60 (full tank) $240
      Bibs (45) $2 $90
      Medals $50 & Cash Prizes $450 $500 $500
      T-shirts 50 at $3.70 each $185
      Total Expenditure $1,925



      We are currently updating the forms for the 2020 Race and will shortly have them available for downloading.

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