Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant

A TibaKalanga Annual Cultural Event


The Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant is a competition that mainly focuses on the natural beauty of its contestants although it incorporates other attributes such as talent, intelligence, personality, and answers to the judges’ questions as judged criteria. The winners of this competition are known as beauty queens. Hair, gowns, talent, modelling and personal interviews will factor in the judges’ scoresheet. Awards for the winning contestants will include crowns, titles and cash prizes..

The Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant is an annual cultural event of the TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga Festival.

2020 Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Queen

Miss Charlotte Ndlovu

Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant 2020 / Mfumakadzi we TibaKalanga 2020

Registration Date: 23 November 2019, 10:00 am
at The TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre
Ages: 16 -25
Registration Fee: R40

Abafisa ukungena kumncintiswano we Miss TiBaKalanga 2020
Buyani eCentre Mhlaka 23 November lizobhalisa

The pageant will consist of the:

1) Introduction Round (Jeans & T-Shirt): 20%,
2) Sports Outfit Round: 20%,
3) Evening Wear Round: 20%
4) The African Attire Round: 40%.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Mandy at 0782127990 or Meryian at 0776375990


The TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant is a sub-committee of the TGSCCC Management Committee whose main responsibility is to plan, manage and direct the beauty contest to be held annually at the centre.

The purpose of the beauty pageant is to:
– Promote confidence in the young women of Bulilima District
– Provide opportunities for personal development
– Promote the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre and its programs
– Promote Kalanga culture


Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Young women from Bulilima District between the ages of 16 and 25 are eligible to participate

Official Language

TjiKalanga, IsiNdebele and English are the official languages of the Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant.  It is not a requirement for the contestants to speak English.


All issues related to the eligibility of the entrants will be determined solely by this committee. Each entrant must produce a government issued ID card or birth certificate for age verification.


  1. Photography: contestants must submit a passport size photo
  2. Clothing: Contestants are responsible for their own competition attire
  3. Travel: Contestants are responsible for their own travel expenses
  4. Code of Conduct: Contestants must adhere to the Centre Code of Conduct

Documents to be submitted::

  1. Birth Certificate/National Registration ID Card
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Completed registration form

Rules And Regulations

  1. Entrant affirms that she is and will continue to be a person of good moral character.
  2. That she has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or that will reflect unfavorably on the pageant, its representatives, sponsors and/or licensees.
  3. That she has not appeared or shared any nude or provocative photographs with anyone
  4. Delegate will conduct herself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant.
  5. Delegate will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, The management staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against the management and the Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won, and legal charges.

  6. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, removal from the premises, and legal charges.


The Opening Activity

This part of the program is not judged. The committee will provide more details on the day of the competition

Introduction Round  20%

The judges may ask the contestants personal questions to verify information filled out by the participants on the application form. This is the simplest round judged with the jeans and t-shirt from sponsors.

African Attire 40 %

This competition will be very much like a runway fashion show. Fashion cloth can be anything the delegate feels represents a currently popular African/Kalanga stylish ensemble. Judges will be looking for high energy, spirit, and the delegate’s sense of contemporary style for today’s woman. Contestants are encouraged to accessorize with earrings, head gears, etc. Accessories may be used as “props” for modeling. Judging criteria: modeling, personality, beauty, grooming and fashion sense.

Evening Gown 20%

Judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer label of the gown, but rather how well it suits the contestant (e.g., fit, color, style) as well as the contestant’s on-stage presentation. Evening gown suit must be good length. Judging criteria: modeling, personality, beauty, and grooming and fashion sense.

Sports Outfit 20%

The judges here will more interested in how well the costume suits the contestant and the contestant’s on stage performance, modeling, personality, beauty and fashion sense.

On Stage Questions (Bonus Points)

Finalists will respond to a few questions on-stage to earn up to 10 bonus points which will be added to each finalists’ composite score. The question may be taken from information listed on the delegate’s fact sheet. Judging criteria: Articulation, Quality of Response, Beauty, and Personality:

Judging The Competition

The Judges

A minimum of 4 judges will evaluate the contestants in the two areas of competition: African Attire / Evening Gown and the Sports Outfit. The committee has sole discretion and complete authority to select judges. Reasonable efforts are made to secure a culturally and professionally diverse panel of judges. Judges’ names are not released to delegates prior to arrival at the pageant.  The contestants may not approach the judges or engage in conversation with judges prior to or during the competition. If they are observed approaching a judge or engaging in a conversation with a judge beyond a brief greeting risk immediate disqualification at the discretion of the management.  They are provided with training and instruction regarding scoring procedures prior to the competition.

The decision of the judges is final and not contestable for any reason.


Scoring is conducted on a 10-point scale:

9-10 = Excellent

7-8 = Very Good

5-6 = Good

3-4 = Well Done

1-2 = Needs improvement

Breaking Ties:

The following procedure is used to break ties: Each judge will assign the Top 5 finalists a ranking from 1 to 5 (1 If the rankings do not resolve the tie(s), the higher individual competition score will determine the higher placement in this order:

On-Stage Question, Evening Gown, and Traditional Attire.

In the absence of ties, judges are not asked to provide rankings.


1.Crown and title of “Queen of TiBaKalanga 2019”
2.Winner will receive a cash prize of $200
3.Become the face of TiBaKalanga Cultural Festival
4.A special gift bag

1’st Runner up
 1.Crown the 1’st runner up of Queen of TiBaKalanga, 2019
2.A cash prize of $100
3.Become the face of TiBaKalanga Cultural Festival
4.A special gift bag

2nd  Runner up
 1.Crown the 2’nd runner up of Queen of TiBaKalanga, 2019
2.A cash prize of $50
3.Become the face of Prasanti  media & entertainment
4.A special gift bag 

All the contestants
All will receive complimentary gifts still yet to be decided by the committee.

This beauty pageant is decent with no swim suit appearance in any of the categories and  is designed to offer the highest standards of integrity.  In addition to striving for the highest standards the management will conduct the competition in a fair and balanced manner.

There will be no registration fee for the first TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant.

Please review the forms for the project in the download section.. 

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