The Road to Miss TiBaKalanga 2022

The beauty pageant competition is only one of the many commemorative events planned to mark 40 years since the passing of the late TG Silundika the national hero whom the cultural centre is named after.

  • Date: Saturday and Sunday 24 & 25 April 2021
  • Venue: TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre
  • Entrance Fee at the Gate:  R20
  • The Village Beauty Pageant Competition is part of the Miss TibaKalanga Beauty Pageant.

About this Project

A TibaKalanga Annual Cultural Event

Eight villages in Ward 6, Bulilima District, Matabeleland South Province in Zimbabwe are set to hold their Beauty Pageant Competitions at the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre, the TGSCCC on Saturday and Sunday 24 & 25 April respectively.

The competitions have had to be held in two separate days due to the overwhelming response from the local community, particularly girls (ages 16 – 25). Another contributing factor also is the need to adhere to Covid 19 social distancing protocols.

The TGSCCC issued an invitation to villages across the district to participate in the competition back in January and immediately received an expression of interest from more than 10 villages that form a cluster around the cultural centre. While other villages remain interested, logistical issues have slowed down their ability to participate in the first phase of the competitions.

Following their registration, the villages through their Village Head were then requested by the TGSCCC to identify and nominate enthusiastic individuals would serve as coordinators in their respective villages. The coordinators’ primary responsibility is to identify, recruit and train models in their local areas. Many of the nominees were already serving as members of the centre’s Management Committee. The centre then organized a workshop for the coordinators to ensure everyone was up to date with what they need to be working on.

2020/21 Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Queen

Miss Charlotte Ndlovu

The workshop was facilitated by an experienced Bulawayo-based fashionista Mr Nkosi Nkomo. The coordinators were trained in the following skills:

  • Modelling
  • Adjudication
  • Time management


The models will be judged in the same criteria as the main Miss TiBaKalanga Beauty Pageant competition where the winners of this competition will compete for this coveted title towards the end of the year. The areas of competition are as follows:


Jeans & T-Shirts / Sponsors
(Opening round)
Introduction Round 20%
African Attire 40%
Sportswear 20%
Evening Wear 20%
Finalists’ Question (Bonus Points)  

The Coordinators pose for a group photo at the conclusion of their workshop on 27/02/2021

The villages that are expected to crown their queen in the forthcoming event are: Bhembenene, Gala, Garamtata, Khekhethe,  Kungubo, Mangarame, Manguba and Ntoli.

The beauty pageant competition is only one of the many commemorative events planned to mark 40 years since the passing of the late TG Silundika the national hero whom the cultural centre is named after. Other activities include a 10K Run, a Senior’s Walk and half a kilometre race for the under 12s. Attendees can expect to enjoy entertainment from bands and dancers, the likes of Thawulo Skhuza and Makhonza Super Sounds and many others.

The Contestants

Bhembenene Village Pageants

Garamtata Village Pageants

Ntoli Village Pageants

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Meet the members who make it all happen!

Felix Silundika | Founder & Project Manager

Responsibilities: Visionary
Activity and resource planning/Organizing & motivating the project team/Monitoring Progress
Tel: +966 530930271 or +263 78 542 4698 (WhatsApp)

Tina Nkobi | Co-Founder, Treasurer & PR


Responsible for mobilizing financial resources/ Foundation’s Bank Account/Hosts & updates the centre website/Marketing and Publicity.

Tel: +31 646 300 921

Memorial Library & ZC Nkobi Gallery

If you have books or stationary for schools to donate please contact us or read more on our project page!

Primary Contact: Mzu Ngwenya & Felix Silundika

Tel: +44 784 770 8190 or +263 783 352 255 (WhatsApp)

The TGSCCC Memorial Library Project

Douglas Nleya | Chairman


Responsible for the Kalanga Village museum/Oversees the museum’s collections/supervise educational programs/Collects cultural artifacts

Tel: +263 772271648

Mfundo Tsambani | Chairman


Attends all Board of Directors meetings/Keeps all the organization’s official records/Cultivates relations with other cultural centres/Provides leadership in furtherance of the Centre’s mission/Manages the development of the Centre 
Tel: +263 773829630

Mendy Gumbo | Secretary & Pageant Coordinator


Recruits & registers models for the annual beauty pageant/Minute taking in meetings

Tel: +263 782127990

Mzu Ngwenya | Library Project Manager


Hiring, training and scheduling staff/Planning library services &Publicising library programs
Tel: +44 784 770 8190

Matildah Mace Hikwa | Resource Mobilization


Developing a fund generation and resource mobilization workplan/Maintain records/Develop donor profiles & solicitation strategies

Tel: +263 7744 05007

Virginia Ndlovu | Finance Committee Chairperson


Custodian of the Centre’s assets 
Tel: +263 773891492

Dadani Tsambani | Community Relations Officer


Cultivating relationships with local residents and businesses/attending community meetings/organizing local events

Tel: +263 778133062

Sibusiso Malunga | Director of the Athletics Program Resource


Providing guidance & direction to the Centre’s athletics program/Coordinationg with local coaches about scheduling events
Tel: +263 775889898 or +263 718890000

Misheck Masendu | Schools Competition Coordinator


Advises the committee on schools’participation in the Centre’s events 
Tel: +263 772460837

Mpumelelo Ncube | Cultural Entertainment Coordinator


Planning events/booking performances 
Tel: +263 782127990 or +263 776320000

Ntombizile Sebele | Skills Training Coordinator


Recruitment of participants, information dissemination/Facilitating training sessions 
Tel: +263 784085883

lrene Sikhangeziwe Sibalo | Hospitality Services


Securing accomodation for and looking after guests/Handle guest complaints 
Tel: +263 771480591

Mzingaye Ncube | Transport & Logistics


Arranges transport & Logistics for the Centre’s events 
Tel: +263 775191438

Betty (Sibongile) Moyo | Committee member


Recruiting and managing volunteers/security personnel/Conduct informational session before events
Tel: +263 779036612

Rachel Dube | Committee Member


Finance Team Assistant

Tel: +263 774430717

Mercy Ngwenya | Village Heath Worker


Advises committee on health related matters

Tel: +263 7775193156

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