The program of the International Cultural Marketing Workshop was very interactive, with participants holding group discussions on various topics that had been brought up during the morning session by none other than the participants themselves. School children too participated, in some cases setting the pace of the discussions. The report back on group discussions revealed very intelligent ideas and a dedication to conclude the workshop with a solid result. Reporting back on his group discussion, Mr Fanele Moyo had now become argyle in his use of the microphone.  His group’s topic combined with the other topics to launch a broader discussion about the possibility of holding a festival, a Kalanga cultural festival.

With that, the idea of TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga Festival idea was born. The announcement triggered an uncontrollable celebration that went on until well after sunset even after the Prof’s delegation had left.

A steering committee has since been formed to guide the planning process for the first ever “TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga” festival now planned for the weekend of 22-23 July 2017. Some villagers are already setting their sights on possible business ventures. Some plan to open up their homes to host visitors during the planned festival in what is now known as “votels,” a newly coined term meaning village hotels. Others will be selling their wares such as baskets and crafts. Should the rains come in good quantities this year, many hope to cash in from selling the agricultural products that they plan to grow.

TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga Festival 2017

The “TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga Festival” is an event proposal that was adopted at the conclusion of an International Cultural Marketing Workshop held on the 16/17 July 2016 at the TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre (TGSCCC) and facilitated by the world renowned Prof. Gordon Bronitsky, PhD  ( Building on the momentum of this very successful workshop, members of the cultural centre have since put together a steering committee that will guide the planning process for the planned festival. It is scheduled for the weekend of 22/23 July, 2017. It promises to be one of the highlights of the TGSCCC since its establishment in 2014.

Meet some of the members of the TiBaKalanga/We Are Kalanga Festival Steering Committee:

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