On behalf of The Silundika Family Foundation, I wish to congratulate the people of Zimbabwe for their courage and resolve in putting a stop to a long and protracted leadership system which has almost brought our country to its knees.  We know that if “TG” was alive today he would have taken a stand and spoken out.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to and respect for the military, the war veterans, political parties and the civil society for facilitating a peaceful transition of power. In the last (almost) four decades of dire hopelessness, we all suffered watching our grassroots die, ravaged by hunger, disease and pestilence even though our country has the potential to feed its people. It’s not necessary to recount all the ills that the country has experienced. What we want is to wish for a successful and peaceful transition. We also urge the incoming leadership to take lessons from the past in order to build a united and prosperous country.

We will continue to contribute our efforts to rebuilding our nation.

Amhlophe, Makorokoto, Matjena.


Felix Silundika



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